about me.

Hi! My name is Deren Alanay. I am a senior at Üsküdar American Academy, Istanbul.
In this blog, I write about my experiences, observations, thoughts, and feelings.
I hope you’ll enjoy reading excerpts from my inner world!

more about me.
I love reading, writing, traveling, eating and laughing.
My passions lie in anthropology, politics, human rights, sociology, art, film, psychology, philosophy, and economics.
I am a jazz enthusiast.
I can speak Turkish (which is my mother tongue), English and French.
I crave constant excitement.
I am a Pisces (Yes, I’m quite emotional).
I am taller than most people I know.

fun fact. 
The reason why my titles start with a lowercase letter and end with a period is because lowercase letters are down to earth and periods are confident.
Best qualities, right? 🙂