istanbul n(l)ights.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

the Bosphorus bridge.


Processed with VSCO with q5 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with c6 preset

skyscrapers and city lights.



  1. zehrabahartemizyurek

    Hi deren, i just wanna know sth. if possible. You have a blog which basically means that every person can reach your website whenever they want, also you should be aware that your work is upon people. So , why don’t you give a chance for those who follows your writings, to follow you from instagram too ? At least , not block them -which is a very offensive way to reject- cause they are not totally strangers, you must know it. Maybe they are just some random people who coincidentally read your writings and wanted to get more info about you. If you’ll decide to answer my questions, i’ll explain another issue that made me upset, thnx from now


    1. derenalanay

      Dear Zehra, I’m sorry if I upset you. Nevertheless, I don’t accept people whom I don’t have at least 1 mutual friend with to my Instagram, as it’s my personal account. Writing a blog is not the same thing, since I share information on my blog that I am comfortable sharing with everyone in the world. I would like you to respect this. The reason I block people after getting more than 1 request from them is for them to understand that I do not know them, and will not accept them until I do so. Thank you for reaching out, I appreciate you expressing your concern.


      1. zehrabahartemizyurek

        I appreciate your concern, but i think couldn’t expressed myself well. To talk about myself , i personally , send you a follow request once ( i think you can guess who i am from my different name duo lol ) but then you reject it in a really short time that i thought i forgot to send the request or the internet connection was too weak for the process . That’s why i send it twice. My aim was not to irritate or annoy you , of course it’s not the same as blog but I didn’t know your demeanor about it , therouf i felt guilty as if i bothered you, and it’s just because of my character. Long story short, neden turkce yazmadigimi anlamiyorum


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