fate, destiny, possibilities.

On the topic of fate, I thought that I had to truly understand the concept of it in order to confidently say whether or not I believe in its existence. So, I read from several sources what “fate” actually is.

I was surprised to learn that “fate” is not the predestined and unchangeable journey, which I thought it was. That is actually “destiny” and fate, indeed, could be changed with our actions.

When I think of it this way, I certainly do not believe in destiny, but I do believe in fate. I believe that life is a pool of possibilities and these possibilities randomly come together in order to form the future.

To some extent, we do have control on how these possibilities could come together. For example, if I want to get into a good college, I have to work to limit the pool of possibilities in order for them to come together the way I want them to.

Let me explain what I am trying to say:

In this situation, there are the possibilities of me getting in or not getting in. For there to be a getting in possibility, the possibilities of me having a 4.0 GPA, acing the SAT’s, getting good recommendations from my teachers etc. have to come together.

But, in this pool, as I mentioned before, there is a possibility of me not getting in which consists of the opposite possibilities of what I mentioned under the getting in possibility. If I work hard at school, study for the SAT’s months in advance and be a good student in class, I have a greater possibility of eliminating the not getting in possibilities and thus, limiting my pool to a condition that only the getting in possibilities can come together. In this scenario, me choosing whether to work hard or not to work at all affects my future, thus, proves that I do have a saying in my fate.

However, to some extent, we cannot control how these possibilities could come together. There are instances where we are at the right place at the right time without planning to be so.

For example, let’s say a man walking in the park steps on a banana peel and falls on top of a woman who’s sitting on a bench. When the woman is just about to say something rude, their eyes meet and it is love at first sight. Two months later, they marry and live happily ever after.

In this scenario, the possibilities of the man deciding to walk in the park, a baby dropping the banana peel on the ground, a woman deciding to read a book on the bench, and a man stepping on the banana peel all come together and lead to the possibility of the two falling in love. I still don’t think that this is pre-determined by someone up there. It is just a “coincidence” that has a mathematical explanation.

Although I consider myself a “hopeless romantic” in some situations, I guess that in time I became more inclined towards seeking a scientific explanation for everything, thus, not believing in destiny.

Oh, well.

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