private reason bebek.

Being a student in the 21st century is not a piece of cake. Especially, if you’re as easily distracted as I am. For me, studying at home is quite a nightmare.

Since school starts in a week and I seriously need to get my homework done, I decided to look for places that would motivate me to do so.

I’ve always loved little cafés mainly because of their cozy environment and admirable jazz playlists. What could be a better place to study, right?

However, due to the political tension in Turkey, I (unfortunately) can’t travel much further from where I live.

So, this morning I went online and searched for cafés near my neighborhood.

At some point, I lost hope because I knew almost all of them and was craving for a new discovery. After approximately an hour, I found this cute place called Private Reason, in Bebek. Though I’d been to the same street hundreds of times, I’d actually never come across this café.

I am here at the moment sipping a cup of green tea, as usual, and writing this post in order to distract my thoughts from the profiterole I just ate.





  • It’s quite squishy and small.
  • Because it’s small, it’s easier to hear everyone speaking, which may be distracting.
  • The view is very dull compared to surrounding restaurants/cafés.
  • There isn’t a dessert menu, you have to go inside and choose one from the counter. So, if you don’t ask for dessert or go to the restroom, it’s possible you’d miss out on it.
  • The lighting inside is a bit dim and may make it difficult to study.


  • The overall atmosphere is chill.
  • There are a vast amount of tea and coffee flavors to choose from.
  • The waiters are extremely friendly.
  • There is a socket next to every table- a life-saver for people who study on their computers.
  • There is a huge study table inside.
  • I haven’t tried everything, but the food I’ve tried was pretty delicious.
  • The chairs are significantly comfortable.
  • The decoration is engaging and suitable for the theme. (you’ll LOVE the restrooms if you’re obsessed with arts and design.)
  • Come on, it’s in Bebek!


Private Reason contains the elements of any other modern café: blackboards with coffee drawings and chalky-fonted text… wooden tables and chairs decorated with colorful pillows… And, of course, jazz.

It’s across from one of the busiest streets in Istanbul. Thus, it may not be the best place to study if you’re not a fan of car horns, roaring engines, and rolling wheels.

Inside, there’s a long table with an abundance of chairs. Perfect for studying with a group of friends, maybe for the winter finals.

Outside, which is where I am sitting, there are ten square tables with chair types ranging from benches to arm-chairs (SO COMFORTABLE!). It’s very enjoyable to spend time outside, notably if the weather is as nice as it is today.

The waiters are quite friendly. As a person who believes in positive vibes, I think this contributes to the coziness of the environment.

Now, let’s talk about food and drinks.

I examined the menu very closely to see the wonders Private Reason has to present to its guests. I have to say, I am impressed by the variety of tea they have. From green tea to exotic ones from Africa, everything tea enthusiasts look for could be found in this very café. I can say the same for coffee.

There are also breakfast and dinner options, however, because I’d eaten before, I only had the chance to try their profiterole, and it was simply DELICIOUS.

All in all, would I come here again? Yes, I would. And not only to study, it looks like a great place to socialize (which many people are doing at the moment).

But, I have to admit it may not be an excellent place to study in the morning, due to traffic noises and chatter.

But what could you expect from Bebek, right my Turkish friends?



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