Since this is my first post, I would like to give some background information about my blogging career.

As mentioned in the about me. page, my name is Deren and I am a seventeen-year-old living in Istanbul, Turkey.

I started my first blog in 2010 when I was only a 5th grader and named it Deren’s World. Because I was in a new school, I didn’t have many friends to talk to so I guess that’s what encouraged me to share my ideas on some kind of a platform. I also thought that writing was the most genuine form of expression. I wrote about cliques, bullies and myself.

As time passed, I began to enjoy face-to-face conversations and didn’t bother to write as much. Also, because I felt like everything I wrote was constantly criticized and was never perfect, I was discouraged.

In 2016, I started a new blog on I didn’t write much on there either. In the summer, I took a summer course in journalism and came to the conclusion that my writing needed serious editing, so I created a BRAND NEW blog on I love my current blog, especially its design, and I wholeheartedly promise to keep on writing no matter what.

In this blog, I will focus mainly on lifestyle, art, and culture. So, you can find:

  • Info about artists, paintings, museums.
  • Reviews and analysis: books, movies, restaurants, concerts.
  • Travel writing.
  • Lifestyle hacks.
  • My work: poems, photography, stories.

I hope my writing will influence you in some way or at least help you look at things from a different perspective.

‘Till my next post!



  1. Petville

    What’s your height ? I really wondered about it since you mentioned it as ‘taller than most of the people’ anyway, i’ll be happy if you’ll answer. 😉


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